Dear friends! Before placing your order in the “Master Oringo” please read the working rules. Thank you! 
Regards, Anton Maslov (CEO “Oringo”).

Order in “Master Oringo” is an order of service to create a silver jewelry by model assembled by customer in the online constructor. 

System requirements:

Tablets: IPad 2 or Android 4.4+ with at least 7" screnn. Use tablet in horizontal orientation.
PC/Laptop: 2012+ release year
Overall: 1024 x 768 minimum resolution

- Windows 7 or newer
- browser Firefox or Google Chrome (latest editions)
- Modern video drivers on PCs and laptops

Terms and manufacturing features:
It takes from 10 to 20 days to create a jewelry from the “Master Oringo” order.
Each order is unique, that is why customer may be contacted to clarify details while his order is being creating.

Delivery of any “Master Oringo” order is paid by customer and is not included to order price. Transfer fee is also paid by customer. You can always ask us estimated delivery cost.

There are such delivery methods:
Delivery to the post office of “Nova Poshta” (according to rate);
Delivery by “Nova Poshta” courier (according to rate);
Delivery to another countries / another delivery service (according to rate of selected delivery service);
Pickup at “Oringo” shop at Kharkiv, Gagarina avenue, 1 (free of charge);
Delivery by “Oringo” courier in Kharkiv (50 uah any district).


Any “Master Oringo” order will be given to manufacturer after 100% payment only.
Payment should be done after confirmation (via cell phone or email).
Payment can be done using bank requisites from personal cabinet at “Master Oringo”, which are different from requisites at “Oringo”.
There is no minimum order amount at “Master Oringo”.

Guarantee and repairs:
Each jewelry, created as order at “Master Oringo”, has endless warranty from manufacturer “Arizona Kharkiv”, but only on the assumption of proper care and usage. 
Even if jewelry was damaged because of improper usage or care, we recommend to contact us. Repair will not be free of charge, but our prices are always affordable. Nobody will perform repair better than manufacturer. Repair is performed according to the “Oringo” rules. You have to contact us via email at oringo@i.ua with notice “Guarantee”, get a confirmation and send a jewelry.

Exchange and return:
We do not accept exchange or return.

Model accordance to complete jewelry:
Each detail at “Master Oringo” is a digital 3D model of real existing detail. Gemstone color, silver and covering are displayed in the constructor conditionally.
Each gemstone has a real photo, almost all details have additional real photos. Price is always up to date. Size can slightly differ because of handcraft work.

Placing an order:
Only registered user of Oringo.com.ua can place an order of individual jewelry.
In 24 hours after we receive payment customer gets a SMS with scheduled date of jewelry shipment from Kharkiv. If we are late more than 3 days to ship your jewelry, order will be gifted to customer (we will return money).
When placing an order, you can choose an option to get order confirmation via email, in this case Master will not call you via cell phone.

Changing order:
It is impossible to change order with “In Progress” status. 
Any questions you can discuss beforehand with Master via phone (from Monday till Friday, from 10 a.m. till 6 p.m.).

If you have a discount at your account on Oringo.com.ua you may use it as a discount here at Master Oringo. Just let us know about it in the order`s comment.
Maximum available discount at Master Oringo - 15%, even if your discount on Oringo.com.ua is bigger.


Contact and feedback:
You can ask “Oringo” managers any questions by phone (http://oringo.com.ua/kontakty).
Please pay attention, “Oringo” managers do not handle orders from “Master Oringo”. Questions regarding orders should be discussed with manufacturer directly.
Phone: 095 718 29 95
E-mail: master.oringo@i.ua
Feedback and suggestions are welcome!


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Contact us:

  1. Phone : +38 095 718 29 95, Mon-Fri 10-18
  2. E-mail : master.oringo@i.ua
  3. Adress : Kharkiv, Ukraine
    ave. Gagarina, 1